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Жена моего босса сегодня объявила что номинируется на U.S. сенат.  Будет первой азиатской женщиной сенатором. Крута!

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Симпатичная, а есть шансы, что пройдет в Сенат?

Еще одна захребетница

Не будет:

LOS ANGELES – Chinese American Carol Liu was elected senator of California’s 21st District Tuesday and became the first Asian Woman senator in the United States. The China Press reports that Liu was elected by 65.3 percent of voters. Liu was born in Berkeley and grew up in Oakland, CA. Her mother is a fifth generation Chinese immigrant and her father moved to the United States from China after the Second World War. Before becoming a California senator Liu served six years as State Representative, before which she worked as mayor of La Canada Flintridge for two terms with previous public school teaching and administration experience.

Вот ее официальный сайт -

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